Building walls in between my thoughts so that one thought does not trigger another thought which will trigger another thought which will trigger another…

I’m not saying I’m trying to forget or that to forget would be better… But right now I’d rather not be in that space of longing for days that have been, moments that have been and time that has been. The life that filled this house, the laughter that burst in these rooms, the warmth one would come home to… Now though, emptiness fills these walls, the emptiness overwhelms me and sometimes overpowers me to such an extent that I question my Creator….

The silence is so loud. I’ve been here before, but I’m not immune to the effects still… I suppose its time that heals or your minds let’s go of these thoughts that crowd our minds during such times…naturally? Or do we learn to suppress the thoughts so that they are not so heavy on us all the time? At some point we have to move on… Then sometimes moving on is as though one is trying to forget too quickly…  I hate this place-let it pass