So who knew that at this very moment, at this very point in time, that right about now things would be this way? That you would be there? That I would be here, that it would all turn out this way?

I mean did you ever at any point in your life imagine you would be what you are, where you are and doing what you are doing?

Think back to 13 year old you 🙂 …what did you think you would be by now? Or what did you aspire to be?
Are you what you wanted to be? Are you any where near being what you wanted?

Geez let me think back!!! Uhhmmm I didn’t sign up for any of this grown up stuff!!

LOL no body said there’d be bills, every single month, and I would have to pay them without fail! No one told me bout this!

Okay but realistically, your 13 year old self was not realistic…you didn’t know jack! So most of the dreams you had then are probably not what u want anyway.

So then…maybe you’re not where you envisioned yourself…what’s your plan? What are you doing to get to where you want to be?

Get cracking I say!!