Honestly this is what I hate about down town jozi…
Its not this chaos, its not this noise, its not the possibility of being robbed (well maybe this, just a bit)

I hate to see the nameless faces, in this merciless place…their untold stories weigh so heavily on my heart. I’m guessing this is not how they’d imagined their destinies would unfold…Image

Each time I see a street vendor, a street kid, a certain taxi driver…
I can’t help but wonder; What’s his story? What’s her story?
What were their dreams? Why do I assume their dreams are in the tense of past?

I hate walking in the streets of jozi…the place where people come to find their dreams but instead end up in the sidelines on the side of the streets and never get to let their lights beam

I hate walking in jozi cause I’d love nothing more than to capture in pictures the interesting, amazing, heart breaking and diversity that is this place…but I’m too damn scared to even pull out my phone.
Man I love Jozi 🙂