Every so often in our lives we find ourselves at a point where we are at a cross roadsImage and we have to choose one thing over another or we do not even have that luxury of choice. We find ourselves faced with having to deal with a significant change in our lives. I have found that unless the change is for the better or it is for our gain, we are often reluctant to embrace that change and the prospects and possibilities it could likely bring forth.

We get so comfortable with the status quo to the extent that anything that resembles the possibility of altering what we are familiar with is unwelcome. We do not even give change a chance. Our fear of the unknown is strong enough to let us choose to be passed by by what could possibly be life enhancing opportunities.

We go through quite a number of “seasons” in our lifetime. Some seasons last longer than others while some seasons are brief and leave us longing for more of what they had brought. We wish some seasons would be longer and we scorn others resenting all that they embody.

We go through childhood, a period of fun, freedom and fearlessness where really nothing matters but getting fed and going out to play. Or maybe just getting the latest toy or whatever it is that makes children happy (pretty much anything if you ask me). That is a period we all go through and we loved it; really I know a lot of people wish they could go back to that time. But it came and passed and it probably shaped you into what you are today.

We went through high school, the crazy times! Really crazy times. That season came and it passed, no matter how we loved it, we couldn’t stay in high school for ever. Some people fell in love for the first time, had their hearts broken for the first time. The healing time seemed as if it would last a lifetime. But nope, it healed and life went on. We moved from there with no problems, we accepted that change of season and openly welcomed it. We moved on.

Some change we have no choice but to accept as it is inevitable. Death…this is a change we are all affected by at some point or another in our lives. We have no choice but to accept the changes that will come with it. We simply move on as life does not stop after the loss of a loved one. We do not really close that chapter, it’s not the easiest chapter to close, but life goes on.

Why then in our adult lives are we so afraid of change? We know for sure that change is inevitable and that certain things will happen and that things will not stay the same. We know that broken hearts heal, that people leave our lives and that we can do much better than what we are…but we choose to settle, we choose denial and we just spend our lives wishing.

How will we ever know what life could have been like if we never take that leap of faith and open a new chapter. In life we are afforded opportunities to be something, to be someone. Some get more opportunities than others; some make get the opportunities but do not make use of them.

How long will we relish in our comfort zones watching as the world passes us by?

We need to learn to sometimes bow out gracefully from situations that no longer serve us, let go of things which weigh us down rather than open doors that give us a chance of reaching our potential.

Savour the moments and memories that have made you into who you are. But also embrace the sunshine that will come with change in your life.

I’m not by any means saying it’s easy to accept change and just move on. Sometime we are so comfortable in a job that even though we know in our heart of hearts that it’s not what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing we choose to stay in our comfort zones, we choose what we know even when we know it’s not the best for us.

You know you are greater than you think you are, why then do you not do something and be a catalyst for your own future. Do something to direct where your life is headed, I’m not saying quit your job or anything. Think. What is your plan? What is MY plan?