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October 2013

What doeBeFunky_lie to me.jpgs that even mean? I love you?  Why do some people crave those words so much, while other cringe at the thought of them?  The words that carry sooo much weight! LoL!!

In different situations, it means a lot of different things… It has often been said “I love you, (but not in that way)” or “I love you, (because the sex was that good)” or “I love you, (because I’m just a liar”) it has been said “I love you, (because I think you’re what I think I need)”.  Those three words in my opinion are not to be thrown around lightly just because it seems like the right or the convenient thing to say at the time…think about the repercussions.  I’m not talking about that sisterly or brotherly love.  I mean in romantic situations, flings and sexual encounters that have lingered on way longer than their sell-by date.

How many of you have said those 3 little big words just so you could get laid and later regretted it with every inch of your body and mind, because the chick is now stuck on those words and just wants to be loved? You said it!!! You brought it onto yourself.  On that same note however, I can’t imagine how many people would get slapped if they were to be upfront enough to just say “hey, wanna shag?”   It is a sticky little issue I must say, and we must tread lightly and not think only with the lower parts of our bodies.

Why do we do it?  And we have become so good at it.  There is almost no value in hearing those words anymore…its value is not completely lost, but you almost have to take hearing those words with a pinch of salt. I’m not saying I don’t believe in love or that everything is about love, but a lot does revolve around it.  We have to keep in mind that we do not have the same mindset(s), so just because you think in a certain way, it doesn’t mean I will think in that way too.  So, I say there is no talk that beats strait talk.  Put your cards on the table, tell him/her what you’re about; the person will either stick around to take it or will just leave!

I find it is not always necessary to say those words.  But we get so caught up in trying to have relationships that we forget what we’re really about and we end up in “situationships” (as per M.L.).  We don’t always have to label the relations we have with people (that’s just me).  So, if we are not in love…can we have a mutual understanding and just be clear about what is going on and not sell each other dreams we will not be able to make a reality.

Basically it all boils down to being open minded, not having too many expectations and remembering “we hear what you’re saying, but it’s what you do that counts”.


I must write

I know I must write because of the thrill I get as soon the thought crosses my mind.

I know I must write because of the questions I had this morning as I walked past that bereaved woman.
I know I’m meant to write because of the countless times I’ve dropped whatever I was doing and rushed off to jot down a thought on paper.
I know for sure I must write because I’ve enjoyed no happier times than the times when I was writing.

Because of the thrill I get when I put pen to paper… Because of the way it feels when I tap on that keyboard… Because of the sheer excitement of ideas manifesting in black and white and sometimes maybe purple….I know I must write.

My writing is far from perfect…but nothing makes me happier than getting lost in it…
A million stories are yet to be told, a million truths yet to be uncovered, a million thoughts yet to be shared…this affirms that I am indeed meant to write.

Let It Pass

let it pass…


Building walls in between my thoughts so that one thought does not trigger another thought which will trigger another thought which will trigger another…

I’m not saying I’m trying to forget or that to forget would be better… But right now I’d rather not be in that space of longing for days that have been, moments that have been and time that has been. The life that filled this house, the laughter that burst in these rooms, the warmth one would come home to… Now though, emptiness fills these walls, the emptiness overwhelms me and sometimes overpowers me to such an extent that I question my Creator….

The silence is so loud. I’ve been here before, but I’m not immune to the effects still… I suppose its time that heals or your minds let’s go of these thoughts that crowd our minds during such times…naturally? Or do we learn to…

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The One! …(that got away)

Here’s a situation I’d like to tackle just a bit. My interest in this topic was sparked after an interesting conversation I had with my cousin.  He is currently faced with this rather interesting predicament.  At some point in life we come across the “right” person, but at unfortunately a very wrong time. Whether that timing is wrong in their lives or yours, it makes no difference. I bet at some point in life you have come across that one “potential” that you certainly knew could be your perfect match. But due to the different chapters you both were at in life at that time, you could not be together.  No matter how fitting a match you are with each other, at that time it is just not possible to be together.

What an annoyance it is to have right at the tip of your fingers, the possibility of the most beautiful thing with a soul you know you are so perfectly in-sync with, but no you cannot have it. At times we love a person who is not ready to be loved at all, no matter what you do right, your object of affection will just not be had. There are other times where you meet that possible perfect companion but at that time you yourself are the one tied up in a relationship, not in an unhappy one, so you have no reason really to cut ties with your current lover. So you stay with the one you have and know. How hard it must be to simply live on while knowing you let someone who could have been “the one” get away.

But that is what life is! We learn to make do with what we have, and sometimes yes we settle. Does this make us fair or considerate people? Does playing it “safe” make us good people or just cowards? Should we really just accept and let them be known as the ones that got away?

This depends on so many things…

If you have ever been faced with that situation, how did you deal with it? Did you remove the obstacle that stood in the way of your possible happiness and grabbed this new possible happiness with both hands? Is it okay to accept that you cannot have them and just move on with another person?

Oh man how tricky life sometimes is. Yes sometimes you lose some and sometimes you just lose more!

Here’s to the one that got away 🙂

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