The other day we were walking down the street to wherever, when some loser looking dude came up and started chatting up my very very hot and classy friend.  This guy was serious, it wasn’t one of those, “hallo mabhebeza” kind of things, and you could see that this dude really thought he stood a chance here… WHY? HOW? Clearly this is person was delusional…or am I just judgemental as a person? This got me thinking, what makes a guy pursue the girl that he pursues? What makes a girl consider the “proposal” or even give the guy a couple minutes of her time?  As women, we also tend to judge a bit too quickly.

courtship blogAt that very moment when a guy decides to “make his move” on a girl, what makes the guy think he stands a chance with the girl?  What makes him think you are his type, because at times you get hit on by the shadiest, ugliest character?  Does that mean he took one look at you and thought…ahhh she is definitely my type!! lol I hope not… Some guys are just too ambitious! You aim way too high o_O Krkrkrkrkr I suppose the sky is the limit? LOL

Being a woman is sometimes hard some might say…because of our monthly friend, the load we carry for 9 months and oh actually delivering that load!  And a lot of other things, a lot.  But I ask isn’t being a man hard too?…I ask this because I know women, I know how difficult and head strung we can be. I can just imagine having to court a woman…actually I can’t imagine it! I’d probably be still dating my 1st girlfriend from high school if I were a guy lol…I’d probably be gay actually because women are difficult, but definitely worth the effortJ.

Ukushela umsebenzi! You see this girl that you think is the one for you! You know in your heart of hearts that this one is the one. Then…you have to go up to her and make your move. That’s if you have the nerve.  I imagine that this requires a loooot of courage.  Do you let your assets speak for you or maybe your looks? I just wonder.  Is there a formula that guys use to “secure” their places in their potential partners’ hearts or is this something that comes with age and experience?   What do guys look out for?  What makes guys think “that one will most definitely yes”.

All this also makes me wonder about the men who have numerous girlfriends…how do they do it? I mean women can be mean, unapproachable and require so much maintenance and effort, so if you have more than one gal?  Master of multi-tasking or too much time on your hands or huge appetite :’)?

These days though, I think the guys have it a bit easier.  Social media has made so much easier to engage the fairer sex.  I’m pretty sure that there are guys out there who are eternally grateful for these little heaven sent tools. Some guys would not had the courage they have now had it not been for Facebook, twitter and what not.  Now love is just a “poke” away lol.

So back to my question, what makes a guy think he stands a chance with a girl?