It’s as if I’m experiencing this for the very 1st time. But I’ve been here before, I’ve floated on these clouds before. I’ve experienced ecstasy before, but not like this. Bowled off my feet, blown out of this world. Swept off my feet in the most amazing way. Glad I took another chance.

We write off a lot of things and any possibilities of second chances to blog post july 2014happiness as soon as things go sour in our current undertakings and soon to be past relationships… Be it personal or professional. We pretty much give up hope on the possibility of finding happiness or resolutions to our current problems. We forget about fresh starts. We forget that everything has a beginning and most times an ending (even if it’s an unwanted ending), we need to remember that it’s okay to start over or to be alone even. Learn from the past (be it your mistakes or just lessons learnt) and forge ahead.

We completely forget that we’ve been there before, we’ve broken down, been miserable, been at our lowest…but got back up again and had another shot at another 1st time or simply a much needed fresh start!

How amazing are 2nd chances, 3rd and 4th chances even 🙂

Where I am right now feels like the 1st time. A beautiful 1st time, I’m allowing myself to busk in the joy and awe of doing something for the 1st time, another chance. The end of one thing is most often the beginning of something much bigger and better. Allow yourself to “grieve” or “mourn” whatever is coming to an end, then look forward to the amazing things ahead of you. Yes it’s often easier said than done…but you’ve done it before. 