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September 2014

Reviewing Your Bae…

PerformanceReviewSo I just had my final performance appraisal done for this year done…eish the pressure and the reality check!  Planning and working towards this was so agonizing, but actually it is something that needs to be done.  This exercise allows you to reflect on what you set out to do or planned to do when the year began.  So doing the appraisal, half way through the year and at the end of the year helps one look back at how far you have come and to actually measure in order to see if you stuck to your word and followed through on your plans.  It didn’t go too bad…but there is room for improvement obviously.

So anyway this somehow got me thinking about how cool (or not) it would be if we could do performance appraisals in our relationships :D.

Not to say that relationships should have contracts or anything, but when you enter into that committed relationship there is some level of expectations, and in the happy, cheery, blossomy beginning of the relationship you do make some promises to make each other happy till kingdom come! If you were to do a performance appraisal with your partner on your performance or contribution in the relationship, would say you are on the right track? If you reflect on how things were in the beginning and the way things are now…would you say you are “doing your job correctly” are you delivering?

I think that would be interesting because somewhere in between work, family and just life in general we forget to maintain the consistency of things with our partners.  We forget to do the things that made us “get” our partners in the 1st place.  So the performance appraisal would work to our advantage…lol.  Imagine having to rate yourself in the different categories, do your still score a 5 out of 5??

Okay, okay that would be an awkward thing to do with you bae, but maybe just do it alone, just reflect.  Reflect on your life as well, are you still on the right track?


So Just Live On!!!

I just heard someone tell someone that time heals all wounds…I really cannot agree to this.  Time heals all wounds? Hhmmm let me just think about that for a minute…I’m still not quite sure about that.  I think one is somehow forced to move on after things happen, and the moving on sometimes automatically just happens, because time passes, it does not stop because you are hurting or because you want to savour a beautiful moment, doesn’t really heal you but just goes by.  Time just passes.

What I do know though is that things really do come to pass.  Things happen, life happens, you get hurt and it feels as if you are never ever gonna be able to make it past the hurt.  It always feels like the darkness is just there to stay.  And at that point in your life you just forget that it wasn’t always that way.  It’s the same as when things are going great in life, sometimes everything just goes according to plan, and it’s all just perfect…you are happy, things go insanely well at that time, it does not stay that way forever…it all passes with time.  Just make sure you really enjoy it, and make the most out of it.

Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this :/  lol

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