I just heard someone tell someone that time heals all wounds…I really cannot agree to this.  Time heals all wounds? Hhmmm let me just think about that for a minute…I’m still not quite sure about that.  I think one is somehow forced to move on after things happen, and the moving on sometimes automatically just happens, because time passes, it does not stop because you are hurting or because you want to savour a beautiful moment, doesn’t really heal you but just goes by.  Time just passes.

What I do know though is that things really do come to pass.  Things happen, life happens, you get hurt and it feels as if you are never ever gonna be able to make it past the hurt.  It always feels like the darkness is just there to stay.  And at that point in your life you just forget that it wasn’t always that way.  It’s the same as when things are going great in life, sometimes everything just goes according to plan, and it’s all just perfect…you are happy, things go insanely well at that time, it does not stay that way forever…it all passes with time.  Just make sure you really enjoy it, and make the most out of it.

Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this :/  lol