So what ever happened to platonic male/female friendships? Do they not exist anymore and have they ever existed to begin with or is that just a myth? I, personally think co-ed friendships do exist and can exist without any coital activities having to take place. LoL, seriously…But it seems the game has changed and people are constantly trying to hit it and Social media has made it impossible for people to be platonic friends.  It’s somehow taken away from real, genuine friendships.  Or that’s what it looks like.  The visual and imagined influence of social media makes opposite sex friendship impossible.

The high rate of thirsty guys has also made it rather challenging to have a decent conversation with people of the opposite sex on social media.  Even if it’s purely innocent, when someone of the opposite sex greets you via inbox or DM, the alarms immediately go off and you’re thinking “thirsty”.  Or even if you happen to “see” (whether it be through snooping or whatever means used) messages to your partner from a person of the opposite sex, you jump to sometimes stupid conclusions because it seems like there is no longer room for platonic friendships in our lives. WHY??

Usually you ignore these bothersome messages from strangers, you could be missing out on a potential business opportunity or just a good platonic conversation.  LoL kodwa usually it’s some thirsty niggz trying to waste your time.

Can we get back to just being friends…like for reals reals?? With no hidden agendas…It could save the Ozone layer.

Human nature is the most interesting thing ever.  I’m so intrigued by what makes other people think and behave a certain way and by what makes us all the same but at the same time so different.  We all see things in such different ways, the same situations affect us so differently.  Where was I going with this :/