Looking back at the shadows of the people that made you you, are there any significant people that you could say truly came into your life with the sole purpose of shaping you? Are there people that you helped shape into better beings? I think the next time you walk into someone’s life, whether it be at work, relationship or just at a shop…think about the kind of impression you will leave behind. I’m working on being one of the best memories.

So many people, situations and things shape and define who we are and who we have been and what we will become. I believe that everyone that walks into our lives brings something into our lives. Sometimes they bring valuable lessons and some come to teach us what we don’t need in our lives. We are built by numerous blocks of experience and circumstance, and it is up to us to decide what lessons we take away from these life encounters. We can either sulk and busk in being victims of circumstance or we can take away the good of each situation.

There are people that have walked into our lives like whirlwinds and turned things upside down and left us asking ourselves why God allowed our paths to cross theirs. Then there are those that ignite something within us so powerful, beautiful and absolutely amazing that we just want them to stay and never leave, but only to find that they are not meant to be in our lives for long…or that we are not meant to stay in their lives. Their memory lingers on long after they have exited our lives and when we find ourselves running down memory lane, ghosts of acquaintances, friends and relatives past are what helped us to choose what paths to take and which to abandon.

One day a, in memory of you, a story will be told. What impression are leaving?