Love letter… (When last) When last did I write a love letter, if at all I have ever written one?? Do people still do that? Am I gonna have to mail it? *chuckles* but ke I couldn’t not write this…

Dear Sugar 😒😂

Where do I even begin? I wish I were some sort of a poet, able to write you the sweetest poem. I wish I had the same relationship Pablo Neruda had with his pen and paper. I wish I could put pen to paper and make magic happen just to make you understand what I’m trying to say. You have been nothing but amazing, even that word is an understatement.

You look out for me like no one ever has before. I just thought I’d remind you that you are loved and you are greatly appreciated. My prayer is that God fulfills your every desire and brings to life your every dream. No one has a heart purer than yours.

Thank you for holding it down in EVERY department! I love you.

I could go on and on and on ke kodwa what I wanted to say is that uyathandwa ndim. More than you can imagine. Stay as you are, keep focused on those goals and yeah man…

Konje bengithini? 😂

I love you sugar.