Consider this scene; an aged retired man…or woman lounging on a hammock while being hypnotised by the majestic horizon.  The surroundings are nothing short of breath-taking, and pretty expensive.  Aren’t they juFeatured imagest lucky?
No, they weren’t always rich.  These guys saved up for their golden years.  You could do the same.

Start now, start small.  Yes you are young, that age of retirement is nothing short of a myth to you at this point in time.  You will get there or you might even want to retire early, consider that.  Can you imagine how much you will have saved by the time you reach your retirement age? Possibly millions!

There are numerous factors that come into play when we speak of saving up for the future. For instance, the now…yes the present, your current salary.  Some people can barely make it through the month with the salary they currently earn, and so they tell themselves that they will start saving up when they get that better paying job.  This doesn’t usually happen.  Most young people know that they should be saving up for rainy days, or for retirement, but there is that little thing called a tight budget.  There never seems to be enough money to cover the bare necessities, how then can one even contemplate saving for something seemingly so far?  It’s possible, just start.

The same goes when it comes to getting insurance.  The youth do not see this concept of insurance as one that is relevant to them.  Boy are you wrong if you believe that insurance is only for old people!  Ask a person who has lost it all within a split second, whether it is to a fire, to an accident, to the unfortunate encounter with criminals or to Mother Nature’s wrath. Get yourself some insurance, and live with no regrets.

The world has undergone a total metamorphosis over the past couple of years.  And so have you perhaps.  You are working your way up the corporate ladder or you’ve probably even arrived!  You own a shiny mean machine or maybe you have managed to get yourself a not too shabby second hand vehicle as your 1st car…whatever gets you from A to B.  You have probably even accumulated some valuable assets; your smartphone, a top of the range laptop and even furniture.  All of this is insured right?

Get yourself covered…within the blink of an eye all you own could be lost.

Here’s a tip: write it off! Whatever little amount you agree with yourself on putting away or towards your insurance…write it off and consider it as not even a part of your salary.  Yes it’s not as simple as that at all, but in a couple of years you will most certainly see the rewards.

Ask an older person what they wish they could have done differently with regards to their financial standings while they were younger, while they could do it.  The most probable thing they will say to you is that they wish they could have saved and put away some money for rainy days and for their golden years.  Investing towards your financial wellness is the best you could do for yourself.  As mentioned before, start small but start now.  Get in touch with a reputable financial adviser; you will be amazed at what your supposedly insignificant salary could do for you.