What an interesting weekend this turned out to be! At some point it felt like a really long and wrong weekend.

I for one had been looking forward to this past weekend forever! Why can’t we go away every weekend anyway?  So when it was finally here, I was obviously excited. And judging by the pics of the hotel from their website, it was bound to be an absolutely amazingly relaxed weekend.

So on Friday afternoon, off we went to our little adventure (joking, it’s like a 2 hour drive)…but anyway, we were excited to get away from everything and just chill.

*cues dramatic music* we were excited, until we got to the hotel that is, yhuuuuuuu!!!!
After entering the reception area, we both went silent.  In my mind I’m thinking, okay, maybe, just maybe, the actual room we plan on spending our weekend in is actually a bit like the pics on the freaken website!

So the lady checks us in, says we can pay the balance amount for the rest of our stay, luckily we had left our bags in the car so we said we’d pay later.  We got handed our key, and a kind gentleman escorts us to our room.  The patio and the swimming pool area??? NOTHING like the absolutely gorgeous gallery on the hotel website.  So now I’m getting really worried, bordering pissed actually.  And oh, how can I forget the absolutely loud and ratchet playing somewhere in the hotel dining area? Yhu, laaark really, we were literally somewhere in Hillbrow.
So anyway, the kind gentleman opens our hotel room, and proudly says “this is it!” and shows us our bed, TV area, our view hehehehehe!! And lastly our bathroom with a 4 foot long cockroach just lying there.  Then this guy asks us “so do you like it?”.   AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHa!! I was so confused, that was one hectic anti-climax.  We asked him, what happens if we say we don’t like it? And he said we could move to another room, we get to the reception, and we’re told, nope there’s no other room.  But at that point we had decided (without saying a word to each other) that we would not be spending another night, after the Friday night at that dreadful dungeon.

We are such polite people really, because we didn’t even throw tantrums, we just told the lady at reception that we would not be staying for 2 nights as initially arranged.

We went into our room, to rest, cause that’s why we were at Bela Bela…to rest.  Kanti, aszi niks!! The hotel was hosting a freaken matric dance tltltltltl yho zingasawi!! That just topped it all off.

Well eventually the loud, drunk and horny teenage voices eventually disappeared into the night and we stopped concentrating on all the bad stuff and looked for a reputable hotel chain and booked for our next nights’ stay.

The next day was meant to be a hassle free, rest day… It turned out to be something else, a very funny near death experience.

I’m tired of typing now, will write about that later… So basically, pictures are deceitful!! Never again will I trust a picture, I’m scarred for life…