The next morning was meant to be spent at a spa, somewhere at a nature reserve, we had that to look forward to.  Saturday morning, off we went looking forward to a lazy, relaxed day at the spa.  We trust Google Maps, so we punched in our destination address, and hit the road.  I made a call to the spa just to conform how long it should take us to get to them from where we were, the lady on the other end of the line said roughly 40 -45 minutes.  Cool!

After driving for a while, say a good 30 minutes, the sexy voice from Google Maps prompts us to turn right…hehehehehe and so we turned lol.  The worst part is that it was a gravel road, so we took it easy because we don’t got no SUV.  After driving for over 30 minutes, we started getting worried, the estimated arrival time displaying on the GPS kept changing, form 30 minutes to now an hour.  So the mood was starting to change.

But because it seemed like the place was close, we remained hopeful, I mean… Google Maps had never let us down before.
About 40 minutes later we got to a boom gate, branded with the name of the estate the spa is situated in.  So we breathed very deep sighs of relief.  The security guard didn’t ask us anything, he simply did what looked like jotting down something on his board.  For some reason, we did not say or ask him anything, besides exchange greetings.  He lifted the boom, and let us through.  Little did we know what was up ahead.

So we drove on further into what looked like a “neighbourhood” of nature reserves and huge plots.  There was absolutely no sign of human life, we would 30 minutes or more without seeing any other cars driving on the dirt road, or even a pedestrian.  We drove on, under he assumption that our destination was just up ahead, like really close.  30 minutes after passing the 1st boom gate, we reach another boom gate.  There we were greeted by another security guard, who also seemed to scribble something on his note book.  We exchanged greetings, and this time we actually were smart enough to ask him for directions.  He kept us hopeful, without a doubt on his face, and with the utmost confidence in his voice, he told us to continue straight in that same direction and that we would reach our destination in about 30 minutes!! Hahahahahaha!! I mean…despite the fact that we had now been driving for over an hour and we had been told that our destination was just over 40 minutes away, he seemed like he knew what he was talking about.

So we drove off, into the open dusty, rough road into the wilderness.  We’d been driving for a while when suddenly we lost all signals.  The radio went off and our phones were as good as snorkelling gear in the Sahara.  And we had no clue where we were, or where we were going.  You have to see this place to understand this.  Literally driving to nowhere, in the middle of nowhere.  By now, the mood was rather sour, not what we had hoped for at all!

We started assessing our options…whether to go back or to forge on and see where the road would eventually take us.  We drove, and drove, and drove and drove.  Until finally we came across a very, very old man walking along the road.  It really looked like a scene from a horror movie.  Tltltltlttl!! U brothers wathi we shouldn’t stop to ask him for directions, because he looked like a typical serial killer right out of a Steven Spielberg film! Lol…But we stopped, cause I’m so brave and I assured him that I’d protect him…  Well the old man told us that we were nowhere near our destination and that we should have turned somewhere way back.  He told us about an alternate route that we could take, continuing on the same course.  We thanked him, and off we went.

At this point, I was just missing my bed, at home.  Like, besiyaphi nje to begin with.

A few minutes after the encounter with the serial killer look alike, we came across rangers, heading towards where we were coming from.  We stopped them, and told them about our dilemma.  They looked at us like idiots, and confirmed what the old man had said, we were wayyyyy off.  They gave us the right directions, just as the old man had said.  And again, off we went into the roughest roads, with no SUV!

Our human campuses had said that we would get to another boom gate; we followed their direction correctly and we made it to hopefully the last boom gate!  We greeted the gentleman at the gate, and we told him about our sad, sad story.  He laughed and laughed and told us that the security guard at the 1st boom gate was supposed to show us a concealed gate which is sort of a back door entrance to our destination.  That idiot!!! Or actually us idiots, for not asking! Mxm…
This security guard assured us that we were now really close to where we were going and told us which way to go.

We drove on and at some point got to a concrete road, I had never been that excited to see a concrete road before.  It was pure bliss! That joy did not last for long though because, in order to get to where we were going, we had to get back on a gravel route again.  We got to that route, but we were hopeful and just enthusiastic that we did not pay attention to the excessive sand on the road.  One minute we were talking and laughing the next minute the car was swerving dramatically from left to right, for what seemed like a good 5 minutes (it wasn’t that long). But eventually my knight in shining armour managed to get the car back into control and it eventually came to a halt.  We were just really, really lucky that there were no big trees on that route because we hit those small ones which inflicted no damage to the car at all.

The entire time this was happening, I wasn’t thinking about rolling off a cliff and dying or whatever, I was just thinking, when will anyone see us if we crash and need help?? I was so stressed! Geez!

But anyway, we made it out of that little scene safe and sound, with our hearts obviously on the floor.  But on the brighter side we were so close!

So eventually, after driving for what seemed like an eternity we got there, and still had our beautiful spa day.  After our lazy day and we went back to our new beautiful hotel room.  That felt like a dream.  I  would like to be a die hard romantic and say I would do it all again in a heart beat!  But nah, I’d skip all the other crappy stuff and fast forward to all the cozy, sexy parts… LOL all in all I can say that I enjoyed my weekend away with my sugar.

Above all, I’m saying is thanks God this happened in broad day light.