I think I was born to travel the world.  LOL, seriously.  In my other life I might have been a wandering gypsy.  I imagine I might have never lived in one place for longer than a month.  I imagine I stayed in log cabins in Fiji which were filled with the smell of beautiful winter holidays and wood lit fireplaces and lush bear fur carpets on laminated wooden floors.  I might have even stayed in all of the worlds’ mountains at some point too, because nothing makes my soul as peaceful as being in the mountains.  Or I could have been the air? That’s the only way I could have been to all those places.  Hmmm.  But in this life though, none of that, I live a normal life in this life :/
Anyway, I think that one the most important things a person can do for themselves is to travel.  It does not need to be globetrotting, but start small, see your country and neighbouring countries, then do Greece! I need to do Greece ASAP…

I used to make sure that in a year, I visit at least 4 new destinations.  That’s not too much and it really doesn’t take too much from the pocket.   Over the last 2 years however, I’ve stopped doing that, I let “life” stop me from doing what I love the most.  That’s how we get stuck in a rut, we let bills get in the way of enjoying life and trying new things.  There will always, always be bills to pay, there will always be something important that needs to be taken care of.  So if we keep putting off doing the things we like to do because of bills, we are never gonna go anywhere, we are never gonna really live.  Each and every day, month and year is gonna be the same, and our futures will be riddled with nothing but regrets of time wasted.

This year I’ve decided to get back into my beautiful not so routine, routine.  I’ve made a promise to myself that I will get back to going to four places I’ve never been within the year.  There are ways to stretch those rands and to make them work for you.  I’m no longer going to focus on the “why” I cannot travel.

Do yourself a favour too, do join me J