You didn’t have to die. I always think about that. You should be here. You taught me the real meaning of friendship, love and so much about being selfless.

When I saw this pic/meme, I immediately thought of you. I thought, there’s no one I know who could possibly have such a phucked up, totally crazy but legendary experience, no one but Mpho! I thoughlifet that could totally be you 😂 but you’d obviously be looking totally sexy.  You probably wouldn’t be the one who’s passed out though, you’d be somewhere in there, in mix.  Hahaha
hah you probably called the ambulance?  Then laughed when you told the story right?

You lived life. You lived fully. That’s what I miss the most about you, you were you, all the damn time.

I miss my best friend so much. I hate that term, I hate labels, but you are the only person that I could admit to being my best friend. 😂 I don’t know what that’s about.

You live in my head, you live in my heart, it must be so tiring because I know you live in so many other people’s hearts too. So much work? 🙂

I think, actually I know that the one thing that hurts me the most is that I never got to see you laid to rest. That hurts so much. I wish I had honored your invitation to come out to maftown that one last time, but see, I thought you’d always be here. I thought you’d always call and say you’re at some random place so let’s hook up.

But that’s how life is isn’t it? Nothing is permanent I guess.